Ion Exchange Resins

Evoqua Advantage offers a complete support program to provide customers with the products and services necessary to maintain their ion exchange systems, ensuring peak performance, and long-term operation.

The selection, application and supply of ion exchange resins are critical to the performance and cost effectiveness of your water treatment system. For over 80 years, Evoqua has pioneered the development and application of a better ion exchange resin. In addition to being the largest distributor of ion exchange resin, Evoqua also provides a full range of services including analytical testing, resin removal/reinstallation, cleaning, and reconditioning. For specialty applications, we offer customized high purity resin processing and blending to meet FDA requirements for food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and power markets. When it is time to dispose of your spent resin, Evoqua can also assist in coordinating options for investment recovery or proper disposal.

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