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3 Tips for Choosing Your Water Service Provider

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What Issues Can Arise from Poor Water Quality?

In the beverage industry, the quality of your process water is crucial to production. There are a multitude of issues that can arise from poor quality water use from membrane scaling to poor water efficiency that affects your water-use-ratio. One of the biggest effects of using poor water quality is unscheduled downtime that may cause a stop in production. These compounding issues can have a damaging effect on your product’s consistency and thereby your brands name.

High-purity ingredient water is vital to producing consistent product quality, including flavor, smell and texture. Beverage producers need to be certain that high purity ingredient water is readily available, even as they expand in size and add new products. For this reason, treatment systems are required to handle fluctuations in demand while remaining compliant.

Types of Process Water Services in the Beverage Industry

Process water is used in a range of functions from ingredient water to cleaning and rinsing. Having the right water quality readily available is essential to efficient operations and maximum uptime. The challenge with process water is the large volumes of water being consumed daily and the quality of the source water provided.

Evoqua Water Technologies, now part of Xylem, provides comprehensive solutions and services to meet process water treatment challenges in the beverage industry:

On-Site Membrane Cleaning & Replacement
  • Recirculate high and low pH cleaners through a membrane system to restore membrane performance.
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Nanofiltration
  • Ultrafiltration


  • On-site (CIP) Membrane Cleaning
  • Membrane Replacement Services
Off-Site Membrane Cleaning & Replacement
  • Membranes are tested pre and post-use for performance and come with a cleaning report. Membranes are preserved for future use.
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Nanofiltration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Off-site Membrane Cleaning
  • Membrane Replacement Services
Media & Carbon Filtration
  • Granular activated carbons include a versatile group of adsorbents, capable of selectively adsorbing thousands of organic and certain inorganic materials.
  • Premium virgin activated carbons made from high-quality bituminous coal, coconut shell, and anthracite coal
  • Improve carbon performance
  • Increase time between exchanges
  • Minimize operating costs
Ozone Disinfection Systems
  • Ozone gas quickly dissolves in water and on wetted surfaces, decomposing back to oxygen and leaving no residuals in the treatment stream
  • Ozone sanitization
  • Reduce microbial counts by 5-6 log within 2-3 minutes*
  • Treatment is effective at very low residual levels
  • Does not require chemical handling, storage, or disposal - ideal replacement for "Clean-in-Place" (CIP) process applications
UV Disinfection Systems
  • Used for disinfection and removal of organic and inorganic contaminants, including chlorine, ozone and total organic carbon (TOC)
  • UV on recirculation line for treated water tanks.
  • Improves taste, color, pH, or odor
  • Water reuse capabilities to meet objectives
  • Effective against Cryptosporidium and other water-borne pathogens*
Chlorination Disinfection Systems
  • Chlorine disinfection of incoming water
  • Chlorination of incoming water in city water tank
  • Reduced biological loading on treated water system*

*See footnotes at bottom of page

How to Choose your Water Service Provider

There are 3 factors beverage producers should take into consideration when choosing their desired water service provider.

Close Proximity of Service Technicians to your Facility 

Having proximity to your water service technicians makes it possible to receive reliable service with a fast response time, making it possible to have issues resolved quickly with minimal downtime or membrane replacements completed on a regular basis. 

Availability of Support

Your water service provider should have ample resources and technicians available to assist you both in-person and remotely. Whether your require in-person membrane replacements or mobile remote monitoring, support must be available 24/7. 

Extensive Service Knowledge & Training

When looking for reliable service that you can trust will be done right, choosing a water service provider with highly trained technicians that have a wealth of knowledge is crucial to achieving exemplary service from your water provider.

Evoqua’s AQUA pro Service Professionals

Highly trained to offer solution-based expertise to maintain consistency of quality and quantity of our customers’ water.

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Partner with Us to Help Meet All Your Water Service Needs

As a leading provider of water treatment solutions with world-class water expertise, we are ready to assist you with your water service needs. We have decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, and servicing water treatment systems for critical applications. We are committed to offering support with 24/7 technical support, remote monitoring, and in-person setup and maintenance.

Our trained AQUA pro technicians offer unparalleled service in the marketplace. Our extensive training program prepares them to offer solution-based expertise to maintain consistency of quality and quantity of your water. Evoqua’s AQUA pro service professionals can work on a range of equipment, offering on and off-site membrane cleaning and replacement services. 

* Evoqua UV disinfection generator systems undergo third-party validation testing in accordance with the UVDGM (USEPA, 2006).  Validated products are tested to confirm a minimum inactivation equivalent of 3 log (99.9%) for microorganisms in accordance with NSF/ANSI 50 and the UVDGM.  Performance is not claimed nor implied for any product not yet validated; unvalidated products use single-point summation calculations to provide delivered dose recommendations.  Performance limitations depend on feed conditions, overall installed system design, and operation and maintenance processes; please refer to Operations Manuals.
Ozone: Evoqua Ozone Generation systems undergo factory acceptance testing to ensure they are capable of producing the desired ozone concentration, based on operational parameters outline in the Operating Manual.  System performance of microorganism inactivation depends on the CT value, pH, and temperature of water. Performance limitations depend on feed conditions, overall installed system design, and operation and maintenance processes; please refer to Operations Manuals.
Evoqua’s Gas Feed systems make no claim regarding disinfection.  These systems apply EPA-registered pesticides (e.g., chlorine) which may be used as a disinfectant for microbial control in water, which is presented on the labels’ directions for use.

Performance limitations depend on feed conditions, overall installed system design, and operation and maintenance processes; please refer to Operations Manuals. For more information: contactus@evoqua.com.